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by Too Much

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Recorded El live from El Rocko Lounge 6.9.17


released June 12, 2017

Kevin - Guitar/Vocals
Mark - Lead Guitar
Jack - Drums
Jake - Bass



all rights reserved


Too Much Savannah, Georgia


Kevin - Guitar/Vocals
Jack - Drums
Mark - Lead Guitar
Jake - Bass

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Track Name: You
Where are you
Where have you gone
I turned around for a second
And you've left for so long

I think of you when my brain says I shouldn't
You left a little trace and now I'm sketching up a moment

You have been a piece of my life
You snuck right in right past my eyes
But somewhere a fragment chipped away
And slowly we crumpled and slipped one day

Now it feels like 800 miles when I'm next
When I'm next to You

Took our shoes off
Swept the rug clean
The look in your eyes changed from we to me

We are in such different places
If I were to call you'd change your face to faces
Stepped into a tunnel came out the other side

You have moved on and I've finally moved on, too
Track Name: Not Ok
Leaving me behind
I'm tired of how I'm living
Head imploding every night
I'm not ok

No new year's kiss
No after midnight kiss
I'd rather be alone
If I got no after-midnight confidence

Haven't had a good night in weeks
Not like I used to
Scared of everything that comes my way
I'm not ok

I'm not ok
I'm not ok
I'm not ok
I'm not ok
Track Name: Rest Easy ~ Around
Rest Easy~

No more energy to fall asleep
Just want to lay back down

Wake up in the morning, sleepyhead
Get up and get around

Around ~

Dead to the world but my brain's still ticking
Trapped in my own body so unsettling
Feel so invisible
Try to hard just to get shut down

Supporting character in my own life
Two lines to the script
Tired of the people I'm with
But I love them the same

Can't settle down turn back one regretful day
Stuck in the middle want to leave want to stay

People all around no thoughts to meet them
Gunna be a whole week
Might as well catch some solitude while it lasts

Oh but girl next to me spittin half witty verbs
While the man next to me can't stop looking at her
I take myself to another place
Where I can see myself with another face

So why don't you have my slice of the pie?
Track Name: New Chord
I wait so long
And I go through these cycles
Just to rinse and repeat

I'm losing my gaze
Mind stuck in one place
I keep skipping down these crossroads
Dodging glances of hope

And I'm so god damn mad.

So when good kids try to get their shit together
I don't feel so bad

And when my friends are happy
Life tosses me a line
And I feel so glad
Track Name: Two
See you on the other side (other side)
Where we're going we don't have to hide (we have to hide)
Take me down, take me around

The blue sky is fading away (fading away)
I see you
I see me right through you
Mess me down
Mess me around

When will I see you again
When will I ever see you again